Ultra-Light Helicopter Flight Tests

Solution for data acquisition & analysis - applied by CURTI Costruzioni Meccaniche Spa

CURTI’s two-seater helicopter is manufactured in Castel Bolognese, Italy, headquarters of the CURTI industrial group, a family run business with more than 40 years of experience in the defense and aerospace subcontracting and co-engineering.
The safety rescue system development, validation and product launch phases of this project were co-financed by the EU, under the SME Instrument, Horizon 2020.
Being the only Italian-guided consortium that had made it into the winners list of 16 funded projects, the project features one of the few ultra-light helicopters in the world driven by a turbine engine – lighter, reliable, and with less vibration than traditional piston engines.
The project is developed in close cooperation, as far as engineering and development are concerned, with CURTI partner company Hypertec Solutions, an engineering company of the CURTI Group, which operates in the aerospace industry and is also active in motor sports, oil and gas, energy and automation sectors.
The manufacture of flight parts completely checked and verified with control systems forms part of the know-how of the company - including the use of light-weight alloys, titanium and composites, thus reducing the take-off weight to 450 kg.

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