Best reviews for imc products and service in 2020

The annual imc customer survey has shown: imc scored with a personal customer approach and competence in customer support and achieves very good survey values overall.

At the end of the 2020 financial year, we asked our customers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland to rate our measurement systems, measurement data analysis software and hotline as part of our customer survey. In addition we asked for a meaningful opinion on different points.

At the end of our survey, participants could enter a competition. There was a chance to win imc fleece jackets as well as "care packages" with a notepad, imc mug and a package of gingerbread.

Compared to 2019 the participation in our survey was down 50%. Our survey this year basically addressed convinced and long-standing users of imc measurement systems. With their evaluations, the participants were able to give us valuable suggestions for improving our products and services. Many thanks to all who took the time to rate us in detail!

Overall, the imc measurement systems, the imc software for data analysis as well as the customer support provided by the sales department and the imc hotline were rated good to very good.

Over 90% of the participants in the survey are satisfied with imc and would recommend us to others - this is also reflected in the so-called NPR Score (Net Promoter Score). This is 53 for imc in 2020, 18 points higher than in the previous year.

The results of the survey show that imc products are well-established in the everyday work of our customers. They rated the usability, quality, range of functions, robustness and service life of our measuring systems very positively.

The participants gave the measuring systems of the imc CRONOS series and the imc C series good to very good marks. In addition to the good ratings, there was also cause for critical feedback. And here the participants of the survey did not mince their words. This motivates us to further improve our products and services.

The imc hotline scored particularly well in the survey. It became clear that personal contact with our sales experts and engineers in customer support is very important for our customers. With reliable and well-founded information and competent support in case of problems, the hotline ensures a high level of satisfaction among the respondents.  A selection of responses to our question "What can we improve about our technical support?" shows the enthusiasm of our customers:

»The technical support from imc has always been great! Thanks a million!«

»Big plus point of imc is the good support and definitely one of the most important points for our purchase decision.«

» straightforward help, warranted solutions.«

»I was always given very good advice and the problems were solved professionally. Quick response. Keep it up!«

[Translate to Netherlands (en):] imc Kundenzufriedenheitsumfrage 2020: Bewertung der Lebensdauer
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[Translate to Netherlands (en):] imc Kundenzufriedenheitsumfrage 2020: Bewertung der Qualität
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