Powerful CAN modules for test stand, vehicle and industrial applications

Whether test stand, on-board vehicle application or industrial applications – when time-synchronous, dynamic or decentralized acquisition of large channel counts is required – the powerful imc CANSAS modules are ideal.

Equipped with high-precision measurement amplifiers, imc CANSAS modules allow for direct connection to all typical sensors and signals in the mechatronic environment. The digitized measurement signals are output as CAN messages and can be read and recorded by any data acquisition, automation or control system with a CAN interface. imc BUSDAQflex is the perfect choise for CAN data logging: it can directly be connected with a simple click.

At a glance

  • Universal data acquisition and I/O modules for all relevant sensors and signals in mechatronics
  • Distributed or centralized operation
  • Click-mechanism connects modules electrically and mechanically into one unit
  • Easily integrates into every CAN-based testing environment
  • Configuration software included: allows you to export the module configuration in standard DBC format
  • Three different module series: suitable types for every environment and application

The appropriate series for every application

imc CANSASflex

Clickable modules for laboratory, test bench and mobile applications on machines, plants and vehicles

imc CANSASfit

Robust and compact modules for mobile measurements on vehicles and machines


imc µ-CANSAS

Ultra-compact and robust single channel measurement modules with CAN output


Our specialists

High-voltage measurement modules

High-isolated measurement modules for thermocouples, PT100 and low voltages with high potential

Fiber-optic CAN measurement modules

Fiber-optic CAN measurement modules for reliable temperature measurement in HV environments

Wide-range current measurement

Measurement module for continuous measurement of idle current, operating current and sleep modes

Ideal for distributed or centralized testing in mobile or stationary applications

The modules can be installed in both a spatially-distributed arrangement or as a central unit. Combining modules couldn’t be easier: with the innovative imc click-mechanism, the modules are electrically and mechanically connected to each other – without the need for tools or cabling.
In test stands or factories, a centralized design of the measurement system is often desired. The imc CANSASflex modules can be inserted into a rack configuration or module holder. This automatically powers the module and connects it to the CAN bus. During operation, modules can be added or replaced. Thanks to integrated sensor recognition (TEDS), a secure sensor connection and flawless configuration are guaranteed.

imc Test & Measurement is an Axiometrix Solutions company.