• CAN-Messmodule für Prüfstand, Fahrzeug und Anlage

    imc CANSAS

    Intelligent, CAN bus capable measurement and control modules

  • Messverstärker für alle typischen Sensoren und Signale

    imc CANSAS

    Measurement modules for all typical sensors and signal types

  • CAN-Messmodule zur hochisolierten Temperaturmessung

    imc CANSAS

    Highly-isolated temperature measurements up to 800V levels

imc CANSAS: Signal conditioners and specialized modules

The CAN signal conditioners and modules from imc are ideal for a wide range of test and measurement tasks: whether using them mobile for road testing or stationary on the test stand. With the highest signal quality, ease of use and robust design, they are very popular with our customers.

The imc CANSAS series offers a wide variety of module and housing types, ranging from simple temperature or voltage measurements from bridge, pressure and HV sources, up to special tasks, such as ignition timing measurements.

Analog Input

 Voltage & TemperatureHigh IsolationPressureBridgesUniversal
Speed per Channel          
Max Sampling rate100 Hz1000 Hz500 Hz1000 Hz500 Hz1000 Hz1000 Hz1000 Hz1000 Hz1000 Hz
Max Bandwidth20 Hz440 Hz28 Hz42 Hz28 Hz440 Hz440 Hz 200 Hz200 Hz
Housing Design          
Standard shortJa JaJaJa     
Standard longJaJaJaJaJaJaJaJaJaJa
CassetteJaJaJaJaJa  JaJaJa
SL-SeriesJaJaJaJaJa  JaJaJa
Voltage Mode          
Isolated Ja JaJaJaJa   
Voltage up to 10 VJaJaJaJaJaJaJa JaJa
Voltage up to 50/60 VJaJa JaJaJaJa  Ja
Isolation up to 800 V      JaJa   
Voltage up to 800 V      Ja   
20 mA Internal Shunt     JaJa   
20 mA Shunt PlugJaJaJaJaJa   JaJa
Thermocouple (TC)JaJaJaJaJaJa Ja  Ja
PT100JaJaJaJaJaJaJa  Ja
Bridge Mode          
Full Bridge        JaJa
Half Bridge        JaJa
Quarter Bridge        JaJa
DC-Excitation        JaJa
Integrated pressure sensors       8  
Sensor Supplyoptionaloptionaloptionaloptionaloptional   JaJa
Width (1 = 8 HP)1121222222

Analog Out

Housing Design 
Standard shortJa
Standard longJa
Speed per Channel 
Max Sampling rate5 kHz
Max Bandwidth5 kHz
Analog Outputs 
Analog outputs8
Digital Inputs and Outputs 
Input Bits 
Output bits 
Relay Outputs 
Incremental Encoder 
Counter Frequenzy 
Conditioner Slots 
Slots Required (1 = 8 HP)1

Digital I/O

Housing Design     
Standard shortJaJaJaJa 
Standard longJaJa  Ja
CassetteJaJa  Ja
SL-SeriesJaJa  Ja
Speed per Channel     
Max sampling rate1000 Hz10 kHz10 kHz10 kHz10 kHz
Max bandwidth500 kHz    
Digital Inputs and Outputs     
Input bits 16   
Output bits  168 
Relay outputs   Ja 
PWM outputs    8
Incremental Encoder     
Counter frequency32 MHz    
Conditioner Slots     
Slots required (1 = 8 HP)11111

Digital Interfaces

Measurement module for SENT sensors - imc CANSAS-SENT

imc CANSAS-SENT is a versatile, flexible and cost-effective gateway that offers direct and easy access to SENT sensor data in various applications. Unique in the market, the imc CANSAS-SENT gateway converts data from SENT to CAN, thus, allowing for direct access of recorded CAN data from any data acquisition, testing or automation system. The advantage: SENT sensors are seamlessly integrated into measurement systems using a variety of signals, including analog signals, busses and other vehicles of digital I/O.

Learn more about imc CANSAS-SENT

New: module for precise current measurement from 50 nA to 50 A

The imc CANSAS-IHR measuring module allows the highly precise and interruption-free measurement of the current characteristics from 50 nA to 50 A. Responsible for the high range dynamics are two different measuring shunts, which are dynamically switched according to the strength of the current using an auto-ranging method.

Learn more about the imc CANSAS-IHR measurement module

New: Measurement modules for high-isolated temperature measuring up to 800 V

The imc CANSAS-HCI8 measurement module allows safe and precise measurement of temperatures and low voltage signals riding on a high or indeterminate common mode level of up to 800 V. Typical applications include voltage or temperature measurements on high-voltage components for electric or hybrid vehicles, such as batteries, fuel cells and power circuits.

Learn more about the imc CANSAS-HCI8 measurement module

imc CANSAS-IGN: Ignition Timing Measurement

Self contained ignition angle, time, and speed measurement module with CAN-Bus output

The imc CANSAS-IGN ignition timing measurement module is a compact measurement unit which provides universally compatible CAN-Bus outputs of RPM and per-cylinder ignition timing for any spark-ignited engine up to 12 cylinders.

  • CAN-Bus output of all processed signals
  • High speed transient signal capture in "Snapshot mode" with transfer of buffered signals via CAN-Bus
  • Cylinder recognition determines which piston(s) fire based on a camshaft position sensor
  • High sampling rate and high resolution for even the highest RPM engines

Learn more about the imc CANSAS-IGN ignition timing measurement module

imc µ-CANSAS: Miniature measurement modules

Smart sensors are becoming increasingly more important. Digital transmission of converted sensor signals eliminates the costly need of laying long test leads. imc μ-CANSAS turns an analog sensor into a digital smart sensor. The module can be integrated directly into the sensor cable or the connector.

Learn more about the imc µ-CANSAS modules

imc CANSAS: Housing Designs

Select the appropriate housing design for any application and location.

Standard Versions universal and field-tested

Individual, stacked on the rail or in the rack—with the standard design, anything is possible. The modules can easily be integrated into a variety of environments.

Universal usages

imc CANSAS can be employed in a wide variety of settings. To meet the requirements of different measurements, there exists models of different heights and lengths, all with extruded aluminum housings and no internal fans.

The shape and design of the imc CANSAS housing is adapted to its function. The sealed housing serves simultaneously as a heat sink and as a mounting fixture. Multiple imc CANSAS modules can be attached together without the need of tools, by means of the tongue and groove stacking mechanism, or inserted into a module rack. The modules can be assembled on mounting platforms, or assembled on DIN type mounting rails.

imc CANSAS cassette versions - for permanent installation

In test rigs and production installations, or wherever multiple CANSAS modules are connected in a centralized setup, the cassette model is ideal. It applies the universal DSUB-15 standard interconnections, too. The design of the cassette modules allows for custom connectors to be constructed easily to the user‘s specification.

imc CANSAS-SL versions for extreme conditions

The imc CANSAS-SL versions are especially robust. They meet MIL STD810F standardsamong the most stringent for resistance to temperature, vibration, contamination and shock.
They are ideal to employ in off-road vehicles, other exposed machinery or anywhere that normal electronics can't go.
As with the standard modules, the design reflects the function. The housing serves simultaneously as a heat sink and as a mounting fixture. Multiple imc CANSAS modules can be attached together without the need for tools, by means of the tongue and groove principle, or inserted into a module rack. The modules can be assembled on mounting platforms for assembly on DIN rails. The smooth surface makes it easy to clean following exposure to contaminants.

Typical Applications

Typical application areas for the imc CANSAS-SL can be found everywhere—including applications where measurements need to be taken near the sensor, or a distributed arrangement is needed. These devices also function perfectly in areas where there may be large changes in temperatures…from -20 ° C to +85 ° C is (or -40 ° C to +120 ° C with imc µ-CANSAS), and where they may be excessive vibration, high humidity or splashing.

  • Test stands
  • Machinery
  • Vehicles
  • Facilities
  • Construction sites