Welcome to the imc Hotline

Our hotline service provides you with free information about the operation and function of our products. Experienced engineers and technicians are here to assist you with your questions and concerns.

Hotline Germany

+49 - 30 - 46 70 90 26


How can we help you?

To help provide the most time-effective and hassle-free support, we encourage you to try calling a partner company in your area first:
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FAQ Page

On our FAQ page, you will find frequently asked questions organized by topic. Perhaps your answer is already posted.

Find information about software, technical data pages, etc.at our Download-Center.

In order to process your request quickly, we need following information:

  • Software version (build date) incl. revisions and service pack number
  • Serial number of the system 
  • imc STUDIO: xml-file and experiment
  • imc DEVICES: the experiment used (the entire directory)
  • Device description file:
    For each registered device on your computer, there is a device description file with all the information about the hardware features on your device. It has the name DevXXX.umi (where xxx is a three digit number). In the default setting, you can find the device description files under c:\imc\imc Devices\Device. Otherwise, search for files with the extension "umi" and send us all the files found.
  • imc FAMOS: data sets, sequences with questions about evaluations
  • imc CANSAS: module database (*.mdb, zipped)
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