Hardware-in-the-Loop (HiL) / Simulation

Through the use of "Hardware-in-the Loop" (HiL), development time and costs can be significantly reduced.
In the past, using computer simulations and real experimentation had to be carried out independently from one another when developing electro-mechanical components and systems. However, through the use of HiL, these two processes can be combined and demonstrates a great improvement in efficiency.

The increased use of HiL in the field of product development has also made an impact on measurement systems required for the recording of parameters.

Modern imc measurement systems offer solutions that enable an easy and cost-effective integration of models within a measurement device.

Whether talking about the production of smaller models and the linking of input and output parameters to the measurement device (analog, digital, bus), or the "embedded" complex MATLAB Simulink models—imc HiL provides productive solutions and allows the user to quickly and directly develop new and innovative products.