LV automatic testing (certification measurement according to LV124, LV123, LV148)

Testing electrical vehicle components for conformity with on-board supply system standards

e-mobility confronts vehicle manufacturers and the suppliers of electronic and mechatronic assemblies with greatly increased complexity in the interaction of electronic components and vehicle electrical systems, and therefore with highly demanding quality requirements. Meeting international standards and manufacturer-specific test regulations, such as the tests described in LV 124, are an elementary part of the development of new vehicle components. These test standards define exposure to predefined signals and profiles from the vehicle electrical system.

In cooperation with the company BOLAB Systems, imc offers solutions for testing on-board supply system conformity according to LV 124, LV 123 and many others. BOLAB Systems is a specialist in test signal generators and 4-quadrant power amplifiers.

The LV automatic testing

imc offers turnkey, fully automatic electrical test bench solutions for a wide variety of vehicle components according to a large range of test standards.

Objects under test

  • ECUs
  • DC / DC converters
  • AC / DC charging components
  • Connectors and cables
  • Batteries
  • Inverters
  • e-motors / power trains
  • Units such as air conditioning compressors, etc.

The large number of implemented test standards was compiled by representatives of leading vehicle manufacturers such as Audi, BMW, Volkswagen, Porsche and many other well-known manufacturers, and has been expanded with manufacturer-specific test requirements.

imc development test benches for air conditioning compressors can also perform  motor tests to support development, such as back EMF or characteristic curve measurements, in addition to the LV standard measurements. All tests are fully integrated and are carried out with imc STUDIO.

LV test bench for ECC units under climatic conditions

LV test bench for ECC units in RT

Test standards in the LV on-board supply system 12V or 48V

  • LV 124 | LV 148 | VDA 320
  • BMW GS 95024 | BMW GS 95026
  • Mercedes MBN LV 124-1 | Mercedes MBN LV 148
  • Volkswagen VW 80000
  • JLR | PPE | GMW ...

Test standards at the HV voltage level

  •  LV 123
  • Volkswagen VW 80300 ...

System topology of the imc test bench solution

imc offers turnkey test automation for controlling test sequences and test standards. The imc system offers a modular structure, expansion options and the flexible use of various power output levels and measurement technology. Fully automatic test sequences based on partial tests with flexible test parameters increase your productivity and avoid operating errors. The direct generation of results (test report) and structured data storage make working with the system simple. At the end of the test, the refined evaluation results are made available directly to the end customer.

Advantages of the imc system

  • Testing for varieties of objects under test without complex modifications
  • LV124 / LV148 / LV123 with a uniform system architecture - high cost-savings
  • Fast and precise rise / fall times (approx. 1.5 µs)
  • Entire system is calibrated  with traceability
  • Modular structure allows integration of any power source - cost savings and flexibility when using existing components, e.g. power supply unit

Individual system design

  • Implementation and functionalities according to customer requirements
  • Test facility conformant to CE standard and, if required, safety concept
  • Customer-specific connection technology for the objects under test
  • Flexible and modular electrical construction
  • Integration of existing service components
  • Results database (optional)

The BOLAB AnyWave control unit operates all types of power supplies as well as 4-quadrant amplifiers via analog interfaces. It has two analog outputs to provide two waveforms synchronously to different power supplies or the 4-quadrant amplifier. Thanks to internal storage, signal profiles of almost infinite length can be simulated. This offers clear advantages compared to solutions with function generators with their limited speed and restricted storage capabilities.

The BOLAB power amplifiers are modular, cascadable 4-quadrant amplifier systems. The system concept allows the on-board supply system side and the HV side to be checked in one solution.

The power supply or 4-quadrant amplifier systems can be cascaded between 500 W and 18 kW with the following properties:

  • DC - 200 kHz bandwidth (small signal bandwidth up to MHz)
  • Output voltage ± 100 Vpk
  • Rise / fall time 100 V / µs
  • USB interface
  • Analog control input ± 10 V for controlling voltage and current
  • Modularly expandable via master-slave mode • Parallel and series connection for two or more devices

Fundamentally, we support all power supplies regardless of manufacturer and integrate the required power components into your solution. Analogue control is a prerequisite. We have already implemented superstructures with numerous power supplies from Delta, Regatron, Heinzinger, EA, etc

 imc offers the appropriate measurement technology for all electrical and physical quantities from HV to bridge and strain gauge  amplifiers.

  • Measurement range of 5 mV to 1000 V
  • Up to 4 MHz per channel and 24 bit digitization
  • Highest precision through individually isolated, filtered and digitized measuring channels
  • Fiber optic measurement technology for objects under test in the HV area (personnel protection and measurement without interference)
  • Interfaces for ECU control devices (CAN / CAN-FD / LIN / FLEX-RAY / XCPoC & XCPoEtherNet)
  • Restbus simulation on the system

imc STUDIO Software

imc STUDIO controls and operates the entire system. One software for data acquisition, visualization, automation, test bench operation, automation and feedback control.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Metadata - manual input, automated import of Excel sheets or customer-specific DB interface of data describing the experiment
  • Control user interface - general configuration of the devices (e.g. measuring channels ...), setting of the data storage, ...
  • Manual operation - setup and manual individual testing
  • Automatic mode - automated sequence of individual tests with test protocols and structured data storage of all relevant test data
  • Test sequence editor – spread sheet type configuration of an automated test sequence, consisting of partial test tasks or test steps
  • Data visualization - representation of the test device data as well as the associated test steps and measurement data.
  • Evaluation panels - visualization of the test results as an automated "plot" of the respective partial test

In the imc STUDIO user interface, the individual objects under test are switched to active and passive and the metadata of the objects under test are managed.

The parameters of the individual test types can be adjusted individually or read from Excel sheets.

Clear monitoring of the test pulses makes it easier for the operator to control the entire system.

With imc Test & Measurement GmbH you have a reliable partner for the safe testing of components of all kinds according to the specifications of the vehicle manufacturers or OEMs.

imc Test & Measurement is an Axiometrix Solutions company.